The song of chakras – for balancing and activating

This song is a magnificent way to balance chakras. You have to sing certain tones and concentrate on specific chakras while thinking of a specific color. There are seven different chakras this song involves. You have to start from the bottom and sing your way up.

The colors and tones are shown on the picture.

Translation in English:
Kroontšakra – The Crown Chakra – OM
Kolmas silm – The Brow Chakra – II
Kõritšakra – The Throat Chakra – EE
Südametšakra – The Heart Chakra – AA
Energiatšakra – The Solar Plexus Chakra – AUM
Sakraaltšakra – The Sacral Chakra – ÕÕ
Juurtšakra – The Root Chakra – UU

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