About Ralf


  • Tallinn School No. 21 (1977)
  • Tallinn Pedagogical Institute – physical education (Cum Laude, 1981)


  • Assistant director of Harju County Sport School
  • Sports educationalist in different printing houses
  • Founder of second private sports club in USSR
    • I was a president of Tong-il and Wonhva-do styles in Estonia and Europe.
    • I have taken part and organized hundreds of seminars, courses, presentations and shows all over the world.
    • I have trained police, army and paramilitaristic forces, security guards, bodyguards of Estonian president and prime minister.
    • I have given free training for orphaned children
  • Elder of The Popular Front
    • The initiator of The Popular Front’s security force
    • The organizer of defensive strategy for The Popular Front and Estonian Congress
  • Founder of the company HAGAL ÕPETUS (teachings of hagal)
    • I teach how to find yourself (reinvention)
    • Seminars for private and public sector
    • Counsellor and mentor of different companies
  • Army
    • Red Army (Soviet Army)
      • Hand-to-hand specialist in anti-hijack group
    • Estonian Army
      • Reserve officer, specialized in reconnaissance.
      • I have taken part and organized seminars and courses in Switzerland, USA and Finland etc…
      • I have taken part form dozens of militaristic competitions 50 parachute jumps

Current activities

I am trying to create a system or a way life to maintain myself in tact with nature, with the purpose to enjoy my life.


  • I take part in activities that are not meant to yield profit.
  • It is important to make great efforts, as it is almost the only way to make the  world a better place.
  • If you make your friends happy, you are on the right track.
  • I try to find opportunities to get closer to better life.
  • I try to achieve something!

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